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How can I help myself

To stay alive, living things must constantly adapt to their environment. In humans, the major organ of adaptation is the NERVOUS SYSTEM. Interference to the nervous system leads to incomplete adaptation. A common source of interference occurs in the spine - a condition called SUBLUXATION. Subluxations are caused by only one thing - an external stress that overcomes the body's internal resistance. External stresses come in many forms. Some we can eliminate altogether, some we can minimize and others are just a part of life that we can never escape. The key is a balance between minimizing those external stresses which are obviously detrimental and maximizing our own internal resistance to them.

External stresses can be-

•Physical: being born, giving birth, falls, accidents, knocks, heavy lifting, poor posture, repetative movements, sudden jolts etc.

•Chemical: air pollution, dusts, sprays, food additives, caffeine, drugs, cigarettes etc.

•Emotional: anger, fear, resentment, grief, depression, loneliness etc.

•Biological: bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.

Helping yourself is all about recognizing which areas of your life may need improvement and then doing something to actually improve them. In the sickness model we are used to placing the responsibility for our health in somebody else's hands but wellness is all about taking back control of your life, so that responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders.

So how can you help yourself?

•Eat mostly wholesome, nutritious food without eating to excess. •Exercise your heart, lungs and muscles daily.

•Have an adequate amount of rest or sleep each day.

•Surround yourself with people you love and who love you.

•Find meaning in your life - a big enough 'why'.

•Learn coping methods for dealing with overload.

•Get your spine checked regularly for subluxations.

Do you notice that wellness is a lifestyle? It's not something we can do once and hope it will last forever. Anything that we do to improve our chance for a long and healthy life needs to be done regularly and consitently, because the stresses our body must deal with are regular and consistent.