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Being truly healthy is a lot more than feeling good. It requires a body that is well balanced (physically, chemically and emotionally).

This balance is coordinated by the nervous system.

Interference to the nervous system upsets balance and is therefore detrimental to our health.

A major source of nerve interference can occur in the spine when bones lose their normal alignment or movement. Chiropractors call this a SUBLUXATION. Like many disease processes, subluxations are often painless.

Chiropractors specialise in finding, correcting and preventing subluxations. Even without obvious symptoms, subluxations rob us of our true health potential, which is why chiropractors advocate regular wellness checkups for everybody (even those who feel good).

When we think of 'health', we think about how we feel but feeling good doesn't necessarily mean we are healthy (cancer, heart disease and subluxations can be totally without symptoms) and feeling bad doesn't mean we are unhealthy (vomiting and diarrhea can be very healthy responses to food poisoning).

Chiropractic in Gladesville... Welcome to Wise Choice Chiropractic, We are really excited for you to have discovered us. We have a strong and ethical philosophy and treatment paradigm that everyone is not a stock standard patient hence your treatment shouldn't be either. 


We pride ourselves in doing what is best for you with chiropractic and a multi-disciplinary approach.

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